I Made It

When i went to high school i was shy and didnt mesh well with others i stayed to myself.  I tried out for the cheer leading team and made it.  With that title my life started changing and fast.  2 days before my 16th birthday i found out that i was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.  OMG!!! What was i thinking?  I was a cheerleader and the guy i was pregnant by was a varsity football player.  I admit i gave it up too soon.  We were dealing for about a month before i got pregnant.  He even told me that he was gonna get me pregnant but i didnt believe him cuz we was using protection.  We stopped using protection after it was confirmed that i was going to be having a baby December 25.  Shocked? hell yeah.  During my pregnancy he played me and did what he wanted. So much for being there for me and the baby HE ASKED FOR.  So here i am in h.s. with this big belly as a jr. and he's out here just kickin it. I didnt miss one day of school.  I had my baby girl on Christmas break and went back with everybody else.  I was determined not to be a failure.  Luckily the school i attended had a daycare so that teen mamas could finish school while there child was cared for within a 5-7 minute walk away from the school main building. In June of 2002 i walked across the stage on time with the rest of my classmates and my baby girl was in the stands with the rest of my family cheering me on!!  I got my diploma for her she was my motivation.

Im 24 now and my daughter will be 8 on Dec. 24  i just had my second child and im doing very well for my self.  The support is there for the ones that really want help.  You can do it just like i did.

MyFaithIsBigger MyFaithIsBigger
26-30, F
Oct 10, 2008