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I'm Brittany two months after i turned 16 i found out i was pregnant. I was scared and didn't wanna tell my parent's or my baby's father but i did and at first my parent's were upset. I told my baby's daddy and he wasn't mad either he was their with me the whole time. My mom didn't want me in a public high school anymore so she put me in a private home school which was a bad idea because it wasn't credited so the whole time i was doing that school work it didn't help me any when i went back to high school. I moved in with my baby's daddy and his parent's when i was 4 months pregnant because my mom couldn't provide for me and i didn't wanna live with my dad and step mom. I had my daughter May 14, 2007 at 3:39 A.M. she weighed 7 pounds and 5 1/2 ounces. I went back to my regular high school when she was 3 months old her nana kept her for me while i was in school which helped alot. In order for me to graduate in 2008 and earn all those credits back i had lost i had to get up at 5 every morning and go to 2 hours of credit recovery before actual school started then i had to stay over at school to make up those credits i had to do that every day for my senior year. When my daughter was 8 months old me and her daddy split up because those little arguments we used to have led up to him hitting me and i had to take an order of protection out on him. Me and my daughter moved in with my dad and step mom and my step mom started watching my daughter while i was in school. I graduated high school on May 19, 2008!! Me and my daughters daddy now have joint custody of her it is very hard seeing her go with him but i know that she loves her daddy and he loves her. I'm now married to a wonderful guy in the Army and i have a 3 year old step son also. Being a teen mom was hard but i had my family their to help me. And i thank god for them everyday because if it wasn't for them i would have never made it. I love being a mommy i wouldn't change it for anything having my daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me! Even though i was young.         Thanks, Brittany.

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Okay so you most envee me a TON! because first of all you have an account on here pretending to be me, and writting stories saying that "you hate fakers" and then you add me to that saying that i faked my pregnancy and everythinng! you are very low. i went throught 9 months of ups and downs! 9 months of doctors appoitments! 9 months of having my cervix checked. imthe one who went to the hospital and pushed an 8lb 7oz baby out of my vagina! im the one who sat at the hospital and cried hwn my son had meconium asperation when he came out and didnt breath & had to be air lifted to another hospital with a NICU! im the one who got deprressed because i didnt hole me baby for 3 days and didnt get to bring him home for 2 weeks! im the one who gets up all hours of the night to feed a crying baby! im the one who is raising this child! not YOU honey! Can anyone/everyone report her ---> "kayytiee" <--- spelt just like that! you can add me on facebook and confirm this with me if youd like!<br />
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THANK YOU.<br />