How My Own Family Raped Me.

When I was 8, my mom worked a lot. she worked while I was home and so my uncle was like my father. My real father lives states away, and my uncle always was with us and he would buy me things, cook, clean. He just was always there, my best friend.

He used to slap my butt and grope my boobs. I never though it was a big deal, and every day before work he would touch me in places, but then when I started to grow up, I knew what he was doing was wrong. He would tell me that if I told my mom, that we would suffer and live in poverty. What he was declaring was true because my mom worked in a minimum wage job, my uncle paid the bills, bought the groceries. He was blackmailing me, he told me he would kill my little brother if I told anyone. Then one day he tried to make me give him oral sex, I had too. And I feel disgusting, he would finger me and eat me out. He would do so many shameful things that I wanted to kill him, one day I threw a vase at his head and had to go to a crazy asylum because they thought I had anger issues and depression because I would cut myself.

One day I told because I was scared, and the police went after him, he ran away to Mexico. He married some random 18 year old there. And she is pregnant, I go to therapy, and I am clinically

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The cops just gave up the whole search and everything so i don't know.

Ran away to Mexico? Can 't they extradite