my mom had new bofriend when i was 13 he takking me places showing me i coud trust him whn i was 15 he snuk room and kissing me then i trid get him off he raped  me. i cound tell my mom this went in till 18 i left i end up drinking so i dont deal with it i finnly told my mom 2 months ago she cried told that shuld told her but coudnt its hard deal stuff like that everone gets thru it. i regre t cutting n drinking to deal w. it
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I know that this was posted awhile ago, but I just want to say that even though you don't know me, I support you. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have never been raped but I can empathize with your pain through other aspects of life. Please tell someone about this problem. I am nobody, but please know that I am here for you. The people around you are poisonous, but there are places to go to help you: or

You are stronger than you know, I believe in you!

it is good you said you regret cutting yourself and drinking because it tell me you will not do it again. i always say.why continue to destroy your body after someone already tried to. you are STRONG because you told your mom. it may been years later but you TOLD. ways of coping with this is talking about it. 1. WRITE IT IN A JOURNAL...2ND..TALK TO YOUR MOM...3RD TALK TO A UNDERSTANDING FRIEND...4TH GET A THERAPIST..... do whatever you need to do to take back your power. i pray that you continue to heal.

ifeel 4 u

Same here but my mOm doesn't believe me

Rape is very difficult to deal with. The healing journey is very long. Consider rape crisis counseling. I was raped two years ago and am in a group and individual counseling. Hang in there!

Hey I've been having a hard time w my rape. Could u help me out?

I am sorry u didnt want ur moms b/f to do u