It My Dump Fault Wish I Could Have Closing

so aroung the end of school i got a bf who was 21 i was 17. I thought he was bice anf sweet and would wait to have sex but he didnt. He keep pushing me to do sexual stuff with him. Like fingering me and touching and licking my stuff. I was dumb for every leting him do that but i liked him. will i loved him. One day he left to flodia and something happen with me b him n his bass . He lost his job because of me. He told my cusin i could atlest had sex with him to make it up to him.. I wasnt ready for it. But i want and seen him when he got back. We kissed n right off he started touching me again.. We want to the wood n there was a bed i dont know why. But wr layed on it and then we both moved n i seen a condom. I thought na he not going to try but next thing i know his has was in my pant n then his thing was out n he was pulling my pants down n i was like what you doing. And he said im making love to u. I said noooo but i dont know if he heard me. Next i know i was shacking n he was in me.. He asked did i wanna stop. I was like yea n i was so in shock i just layed there.. I still feel bad for doing that i cry all the time. Do anyone know what i can do to forget it. My mom dont know it would break her heart if i told
bebelove bebelove
18-21, F
May 7, 2012