Step Brother Raped Me And Father Still Prefers Them.

It bothers me, I've never felt like I was my fathers favorite, even when I was a child my mother and I would go without money because he would pay for my half brother and sister's education leaving us without food while he was gone weeks at a time due to work. When I was around 9 we found letters that he was cheating on my mother with some woman from South America and they got a divorce by the time I was 10. He was the type to try to buy my love. My teen years were pretty rough, my mother got remarried to a man who stole everything from her and left her when she got cancer, I moved in with my father to get away from her husband only for him to then get remarried after I begged him not to. His new step sons moved in.. it wasn't too long before one drunken night I was raped by one of them who is several years older than me, and it wasn't the last time. I went months hardly leaving my room, not even to eat because I was so afraid of them. One time I opened my bedroom door thinking it was my father and it was that *******, naked, I slammed it back shut and locked. After dropping 20 lbs of essentially starving myself I couldn't take it any more and moved back in with my mother to another city. I had kept that secret for the sake of my fathers happiness in vein. My aunt had a way of pulling secrets out and was very vindictive of my mother and ended up telling my mother's whole family but I did tell my her before everyone else found out. Of course she was angry that once again my father failed to protect me the way he should have. She called him one day and told him what had happened, he didn't believe her. It wasn't until one day through a fit of tears I told him, but he didn't do anything. He still bought them cars, pays for their gas, for their food, for their phones, has them live under his roof, while I'm struggling to survive. Just the other day I found out he pays for their school as well, while he doesn't pay for mine.. Does he just completely hate me? I don't have anyone I can talk to about this, and I did just stupidly send a midnight text complaining to him that he must think he lives in some parallel universe where water is thicker than blood. I just don't understand how a father can put everyone else's well being before that of his own daughter. 
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Well it seems like parents with multiple children tend to single out one child and just dump on them. I totally feel where your coming from because im the middle and my mother said some pretty screwed up stuff to me and the most i can tell you is to try not let mean people take that inner beauty from you because you have it you just cant let it get you to the point where your as dark as the dark ones that try to corrupt you...hope you feel better :+)