Unwated Girl!!!!!!!!

My mother for some reason did not want me, at the age of four give me away to a friend of hers. At the time I was glad to know that someone wanted me, they started taking good care of me and I was happy. Turning five was a mistake, it seemed like that in my mind, I was in a family of five boys and one sister at the time, then another girl came shortly after.
my new found family, was still ok, untill like mid way between five, their eldest son was over nice to me. I found it at the time to be a bit over too much. It started off as him simply don't want me to feel that I don't fit in, then games, then money for touching my private.
As I grew older it became bad. I was sexually abuse untill my late teen by my brother.
Again, I was an unwanted child again they did not want me any more because I told one day on him.
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Good for you for telling on him! None of these people deserved you. You'll find someone who wants you.

thanks! vimkha

good that you moved away ,distanced from that family ....you can be more natural now ,,,forget the past ..its over .

i am glad you told.

i have much respect for you. i wish many girls had the courage to pick up their lives just like you! i am deeply sorry for what you went through. no one should feel unwanted. and they were wrong to hurt you n make you feel like that. im really happy to know you havn let all this bring you down. it gives me hope. thankyou!

Yes Indeed!!! I a nice family of my own, I have a great daughter. And she knows that I will not give her away don't matter what is the problem. And I have lots of church friend and family now also, and I actually help young people who's family life is in trouble. So I am happy.

i am glad that you have joy in your life now.