My Close Friend Was Raped

A week ago my friend we can call her Sam told me she had been getting raped since she was 11 (we r 15) she has also been abused in other ways by this woman Emma. Sam has been cut, hit, tied up, tayzered, beaten with hot iron rods she has had one shoved down her throat this is not the worst either but I can't get into that. Emma does this every 2 nd day and is very threatening she found out about sams bf knowing and he has received threats of death and rape. Emma takes sams phone and texts him Wat she is doing. Now Emma knos that I know she has been txtn me the disturbing things she is doing and wen I tell her to stop I have been getting threats of rape and death. I have been unable to sleep at night out of fear and stress. On top of sams problem I have been a self harmer for 5 years and suffer from EDNOS.
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

you need to go to the police!! you are being threatened and if she is texting you this stuff then this is proof!! you can have her sent down! you need to tell your parents at least! you have got to protect yourself and save your friend. she needs your help. please please speak to someone! nothing will ever change or get better if you dont! let them be punished for their crimes so you and her can be free!