A Ride Home

When I was 17. I went to a party with friends. When it was time to leave, my friend and her boyfriend were getting a ride home from another guy, I asked if I could join them, the guy said yes. My friend's bf insisted that she be taken home first, because she was past curfew. After she was dropped off, he dropped her boyfriend off. He then asked me to go smoke a joint with him. I said no, that i was tired. But he persisted until I agreed. We drove to a place just out of town, overlooking the town. As we smoked the joint, he started saying that he knew that I liked giving blow jobs, and pulled his penis out of his pants. I told him to put it away and take me home. In an instant he pulled me by my hair into the back seat. He was on top of me, his hand up my skirt, ripping my panties off. While he was raping me he kept saying, "I'm so glad you wanted to **** instead of blow me". I didn't report it to the police. I told a guy i knew, he, his brother, and a third guy beat him senseless.
MetalPrincessFL MetalPrincessFL
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012