Nightmares And Flashbacks

Well I don't know how to start this really. Ok, this January I was 15 years old and 8 months pregnant with a beautiful boy, I stayed at my boyfriends house like usual on Saturday nights, we celebrated a family members birthday and with me being tired I went to be bed. The next morning me and my now ex boyfriend woke up he wanted sex I didn't I said no but he didn't listen he grabbed both my wrists and I said stop so many times, I was carrying his baby,what if he hurt the baby, I cried and cried when he finished he left his room with me shaking and crying on the bed holding my stomach. He never apologized and never will. I keep having flashback and nightmares, my fiancée Lyon is amazing he is helping me but I need professional help as I hardly sleep. Unfortunately I have to face my ex boyfriend every weekend and I hate it!!!

immarainbow immarainbow
18-21, F
Nov 9, 2012