The Hell I Went Thou

i was 13 when i was rape by 2 of my family members inside a tent. 2 years on age 15. 1 of them kept on sexually attacking me till i have enough and i told my mum and the police. months went by and the police was back to give me an update. they said it can go to court but it is up to me i wanted it to go to court but i did not want it to stress out my nan . so the police went out to find more information to use for court. again months went by and they was back they was asking questions about me and my bother. when they was finished i ask them why they ask questions about me and my brother they said that the 2 family members are saying that i was having sex with him. i felled sick. to make worst my brother ran away. police said it will not go to court cause of my brother running away. as for the other family member he rape 3 other girls. and he got away with it.

but that not all

when i was 16 i was on my was to college on a bus and a man sat next to me and started to touch me on my legs and arms and asking sexually questions. i got that scared i be tended to be on my phone i could not move cause he was blocking me in. 35 minute later he got off the bus. 2 stops later i got off and my friend was waiting for me and i started to cry and told my friend what had happened. we went in side the college and told my teacher they rung me mum and she said that she could not pick me up so the college tuck me home. my mum rung the police and they came and ask me questions i told them the number of the bus and the time it left the bus station. 4 weeks went by and they said that they know who it was but they can't arrest him cause the cameras on the bus was not working so again a another man got away with it.

i would like to say that is the end of my story but it not

on my 20th birthday i went out with my mum and friends and we went in a club and me and my mate went on the dance floor and a man be hide me but his hand by my flower and tried to but his hand down my legging to grab me down there. i push him away and went to sit back down i said to my friend that went to go and get so food and go home. when we got home i ate the food and went to bed next thing i know am in hospital. i had panic attack what went on for 4 hours and my mum had to get the ambulance out. i could not stop crying and hurting my self all i kept on saying is that i want to go home but they would not let me till i seen someone to see if i was not going to kill my self or carry on hurting my self 3 hours went by and they let me go home 4 days i stayed in bed .

from the day of the man on the bus i have not be the same i can't look at man without wanting to hurt them like they hurt me. at the end of the day to me i think that man think of one thing and that their xxxx. i cant trust man again.

chloe345 chloe345
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012