Okay i have been raped twice and molested.
i cant remember the age but it was before the
Fifth grade the first time i was rape. the person
That raped me was my brother friend cousin he
was in high school when i was in elementary.
My brother had came in my room and told me to come
play outside he took me to the alley were the boy
Chris was waiting he bend me down (doggy style)
and started to rape me well my brother just stand
there and let him rape me. i still hate my brother
Even though im suppose to love him.

The second time my cousin came in my mom room were i was
laying and got in the bed he was around 20 he pull down my pants
and pull me towards the edge and turn me around and me rape
for what felt like hours.

I was molested by the first guy chris everytime my mom told me to go
get my brother from his i fought to not go but she just made me
He would pen me on wall amd try to kiss me i try to fight but
he would.gey angry the last time he did this to me my mom
came cause i was taking long and she saw but she thought
I was being slutty and she pulled my hair and told me i was
Being a ****.
The secong time my cusin brain molested me
By this time i just thought i deserved it that
It was my fault this keep happening to me.

Four years ago i meant this guy thta i have been dating
for three years he is the most prefect guy i have
ever met he is loyal and very understanding i told
Him and he haves been my rock everysince
but when we make love it bring back memories And
i feel so bad because i cant be all that can for him
I love him so much but i cant trust him fully but
Will because i know he is the one for me

Sometimes i just lay there and he notice and he stops i feels
ashamed101 ashamed101
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I am sorry for you to have undergone such stresses at that raw age when your genitals were not mature ...I think you should have revolted against this ...If your mother was forcing you ,tell your dad to come between and prevent this ..
OR take revenge on the miscreants by squeezing their balls till they faint .. .