It Happened Over And Over

When I was 4, my brother began raping me in my sleep.. it went on up until around 12 years old... I was afraid to fall asleep, afraid he'd come back. I'm 16 now and I finally told. First I told my boyfriend at 2:34 in the morningand he didn't know whether to cry or kill mybrother.. then because I didn't want to tell my parents with out him, he had me call his mom and tell her first.. she told me it's very important to tell them because this can't wait after so many years.. at 7 yesterday morning my boyfriend got dropped of at my house and literally had to drag me into my living room.. after a few minutes of silence myboyfriend said, "she has something to tell you." But I couldn't bring myself to say words. So he told her for me. it was a war zone. My brother played stupid at first but finally admit it. My mom and I are moving out into an apartment for a change of scenery and they're letting me chose what happens to my brother. Feels good to let this go.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

To forgive is good, but under these circumstances, never forgive, and try to forget.