it was not making love it was f ucking and it was impersonal and it was horrible and afterwards i laid there and shed a single, silent tear. ever since then i have wished to push it out. i just want it to go away.

meuky meuky
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Technology can help reduce Sexual Assault victims world wide.. U-AIDE APP

Thank you for your acknowledgement and support :)

i am not understanding your story. please explain in detail.

You dont have to enjoy it, just charge for use of your body. This way you will have money and good life. Body is a product that can be sold and traded, you won it. Use it and laugh at them and buy yourself a new cat. Cheers.

Ur disgusting

you must have been mistreated terribly to try and inflict your pain on to others. And to actively seek people out to do it too, you got big issues. Let's hope you are not a rapist or abuser in the making...

hi im precious! im raped by the father of my bestfriend.. i understand what you feel..

Hello, I witnessed a rape of my younger cousin and couldn't do anything to stop it.(I'm mute)

I can totally relate! I'm so sorry this has happened to you, but you're definitely not alone.

Hi, I know what your going through I'm 15 and was raped 10months ago

Hello I am janelle and I was raped by my friend...I understand

Hi iam 13 i have been raped iam pregnant. i understand how u feel

I'm so sorry I feel your pain I was raped when I was 11