this is my last year of being a teen im almost twenty. I dont feel i have much to look forward to. Most of my friends are gone because of choices they made and choices i made. Im on sites like ep to connect with others but these sites only offer so much and you forget about eachother after awhile and people dont see it hurts the other person cause there forgotten and they enjoy it. This has been done to me but i am also guilty of it and i want to apologize to all my circle of friends that i just let go. You may not even care i just want to apologize and let you know i miss you all. life outside the internet gets in the way but i should have messaged you back theres no excuse and ill try to keep up with the friends i make on here and every now and again send a hello or how are you doing to the friends i forgot about i would love it also if you would read this but you dont have to
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1 Response May 9, 2012

This kind of stuff happens at 20. becoming an adult is harsh, but i won't be the one to keep you thinking about it :)

Friends that you want to keep close, are easy to follow this days, and people in here will understand more than people around most of the time, mainly because everyone's true in here. You could give your skype or other means to contact you to those friends you trust and want to keep close.