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For the longest time I have been brought up Christian. My entire family thinks that Christianity is the only religion. What got me interested in Wicca was that in 9th grade everyone started called me "witch girl" even though at that time I was still Christian. I became really good friends with two girls who are wiccan. They are my best friends to this day. at the end of 9th grade I converted to Wicca with the help of my friends. I didn't tell my parents because they would flip at me.10th grade a guy named Nathan started making death threats against me. (In my school if you are wiccan you might as well be dead) This went on for a while and I got so depressed I tried killing myself. My parents found out that I was wiccan in the emergency room. Me and my sister are still surprised they didnt disown me.
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I know what you mean only 1 of my friends knows that I'm wiccan and if my parents knew they'd kill me.

that sucks so much that everyone except your friends thinks bad things about wicca. they just dont understand us and dont want to. but keep the freedoom of wicca in you and you will see. one day u will find ur place in this world :) <br />
love you<br />
Blessed be )0(