I Love My Life

Hi , im a wicca since i was 11. at 11 smthigng reallu important happened in my life that made me see and findthe beauty of the witchcraft. i was biking and felt in the water(a river) and i was about to die, till the moment i felt the power of the water inder me pushing me on the surface. then i dunno why i thanked the water for saving me. since then i was reading book and books about the powers of the water and slowly i bounded with it. my parents found out about it and they didnt had a problem with me being a Wicca. they were happy that i found my place in this world even if they are Christians. they understood that christian isnt for me. so they let me worship the water. later on i started learnign more and more.
now i have my own cult and im the hight priests.

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Tnx OriChan. and yes it is very exciting. sorry that i answer so late, i was preety busy organising trips with my coven and school started for me in same time.<br />
Blessed be )0(

Congratulations, that must be very exciting =)