Wiccan Story

I have been a wiccan for as long asi can remember. It had first started when I was 5 and my grandma was dieing of cancer. I had given her a kiss on the forhead the next day I had felt a tickle on my cheek then a sting in my right sholder blade. I looked at my back and there I had a five star pentical on my sholder. I had tried to hide it for the longest time, but it just didnt work my mom found it and freaked out. Her and my dad rushed me to the hospitel, i was 12 at the time, when the doctor came in and said that it was the oddest birthmark he had ever seen my parents flipped out and tried to send me away they got mad and because i am an empath i got mad too.I got grounded and then sent to my room. I finally got online and found out it ment. And I felt like I had come home from somewhere FAR away. I was born and raised a Christion so I had to hide it. My mom died in a car reck when I was 13. I was devistated. I cried and cried and because I cried my dad was sad too. I still follow my path to fullness and balence. But one thing still holds me back... my dad. I don't know how to tell him that I am a wiccan. I'm afraid I'll break his heart or something will happen to him like something happened to my mom.

So if anyone can help I would gladly apprecieate it. Blessed Be!
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I've already found help thanks.

What kind of help are you looking for?

You can write a comment here. :/