When I Found Wicca

Im 16 now and was 13 at the time...... cant remember exactly how it happened but i was browsing websites and came across it .. i read alot into it and i just knew it was perfect for me ... i had never been more sure about anything before. My mums side of the family all have weird abilities ( my grandmothers surname is Sibyl meaning a prophetess ..which is weird ) . I love the outdoors and feel so connected around nature ... i would love to talk to other teen wiccans so add me on here or my msn = geeisgay@hotmail.com (dont ask i made it a while back :L )
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2010

Yeah it does .. Most of the weird stuff that happens to me is in my dreams ... Predicting things ... Telepathicly comunicating with spirits and other weird shizz :)

yeah, im 13 now and I switched. Everything made sense to me, I love nature, I was always different, and my (wiccan) friend told me that I was special when I was 10. But I have a question for you: On teenwitch.com there was a page that said that you were a "natural witch" if your dreams could sometimes predict the future. That has been happening to me my whole life, and I am just curious if that happens to you.

I'm very happy you've found a religion that you love so much. I'm a wiccan too and feel the same way. :)