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I'm newly a wiccan, without alot of experience, but I love it!  My familys been through alot, and so have I, There were times when I would question of god really existed, because if he  did, how could he let such horrible things happen to good people?  I found the wiccan religion completly by accident, but the more I read about it, the more it sounded like something that could really mean something to be. It helped me get my faith back and I'l always appriciate that.  I know I sound totaly corny, and I try to avoid that. But it's true.

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Well, I'm happy that you've found a religion that works for you.

im just starting and still need to ask my mom if she will support me. i am planning to be one because my moms side of the family had ancestors who were wiccans and she told me about it and i thought it sounded right for me! i love this earth, and the animals

I have been in Wiccan for about three years, which to me have flown by, Wiccan has brought me so much, like faith, strength and courage when I needed it most.<br />
Blessed Be To All )O(

wow. im new to Wicca, and I love it

in the bible there is more the 1 account were it says that women should be submissive to men and serve the husband i say hell with that and its not like the bible was writen by god a counsel of MEN the realign of Christians is sexes thats y im wiccan its fair

Are you attracted to the dogma of the religion or the culture? Bad things happen to good people because God gave humans free will. Many times humans choose the wrong path and bad things happen. but, without the bad you would not know what good is right?