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When i first discovered wicca i was overwhelmed it was like : oh my gosh it all makes so much sense! My friend was also looking for spiritual comfort so we embarked on this journey together. Then we found someone else doing the same thing ,then someone else, coincidentally we were each representatives of a different element and then my friends girlfriend felt left out and asked to join the circle. fine, right? except she's cristian and says we'll all go to hell for practising witchcraft. But she cries when we mention then that she isnt a wiccan. maybe im wrong but i thought to be wiccan you had to believe in the old ways of wicca. no? so she now tags along, my friend says shes our spirit ( wtf?) . she's a perfectly nice girl but whever i want to go to my friend who is kind of our hp since he has been aware of wicca longest i cant talk about religion in case she keeps talking abut her god and its difficuklt to talk to a guy who's face is - otherwise occupied. The other two feel the same way and are pulling away due to lack of structure in our group ,lack of everything really . when we want to call a 'coven meeting' we end up eating pot noodle and playing cards. i feel angry becuase this is serious for me and they seem to treat it like some teenage fad.
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I would tell her that you are a serious wiccan. Explain to her exactly what it is. Only you to her. No one else. Then tell her that being in a coven, is all wiccan. It's not a little game, and that it is serious for you. Also, next time she wants to be your "spirit" just go along with it. If she wants to play the ghost, then let her be invisible and unheard. (not in mean way, obliviously)

oh dam. well if you need any help or advice im here:)

How irritating! It annoys me when Christians ram their beliefs down other peoples throats. I have tried to start a coven in my small town but I also found that no-one took it seriously. Perhaps it would be best to practice as a lone Witch? <br />
Blessed Be

When i first read your suggestion about going it alone i wasnt sure as I prefer to worship with others, like a family. but i spoke to our self-appointed HP (it's his gf) and he became defensive and threatening despite being a wimp most of the time and i have a massive temper anyway so that didnt end well. so now it seems i am on my own

If you need anyone I'm free to talk as well