So i'm new to wicca and trying my best to get ahold of books about wicca so i can learn more. But its hard as heck to find books in this ghost town i live in. I've resorted to buying used books from Barnes and Noble. Not that i'm complaining but i just wish there was a better way. Does anyone have suggestions as to how i can learn more about wicca?
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

I know where to get lots of them. If you need I might be able to help. had used books for very cheep but in really good condition. four of the books i got from there look as if they are new

Internet is honestly you best bet. And it's free! (somewhat) But books are always nice to have. Take the info you collect an make your own book (BOS) You can go on am meet up with local pagans, find a mentor.... tho you are underage... and internet meetings can be risky!

I would stick to the blogs, articles, and forums instead of getting a mentor. You can find sleazy people out there. Most won't take you because you are underage and your parents could take things out on them.