Real Life And Lies

ive been a wicca for a few months now i guess. im 14 till october. my childhood was really strange, with my dad being a trucker and all. my mom was one of those carzy babtist christians that thought they were better than every one else. when my mom and dad got divorced when i was 11 my life fell apart. after that i didnt have alot of friends. with the lack of people to talk to i iggnored the world of magick that was all around me. i had both parents telling me that the other was lying to me. i sided with mom and almost destroyed my relation ship with dad. this summer after things got really bad with mom i moved in wi@h dad not only did i find out that mom was lying but i dicovered wicca. the five weeks that i lived with him my stepsister taught me about wicca. it was amazing to find something thatrelgously clicked. but soon my damn mother found a way to make me go back. after that she abused me verbaly and physicly, and she burned all of my books and kept me from seeing my dad for two months. so in november i wont be living with her. but im now trying to start a wicca group in my town. and sadly to day i have a person telling me that am going to hell. i shall eliminate her..... some how.
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Do not hold this idea of eliminating or harming someone else. Have compassion on their ignorance and limited worldview and let it go.


You're young, people will always be telling you that you're going to hell. You'll have people threaten you. You'll have people wanting to save you, with or without your permission. This path is more accepted than it was back in the early 90s and a lot more than years before Gardner. You'll need patience and only to listen as to why they think that you will burn. The best you can do is sit and try to have a conversation. If they want to talk at you, it's best not to explode at them but simply tell them you were open to a theological conversation, not being talked at and that you have to end it there. And the key part, Walk Away.

As for your Mother's abuse I would seek help from the school, while there is still a month away it would be best to get out of that situation. Religious reasoning or not.

And the group is always a wonderful thing to have, but always remember not to try to force them to stay or to practice. Everyone as different levels of comfort. Especially at your age, there may be people in your group who may get swept away into things and the excitement makes everything grand, however that can also scare away from members who are more timid and curious. Both types of friends can help support you against those that would cause you harm.

As a Wiccan you know the "And ye harm none, do what ye will" supposedly by Doreen Valiant. As well as the Threefold. What energies you send out will come back. If you lash out it may be hard to stop and you may lose love ones. While those lashing at you are also most likely going to lose friends because of that thought process.

In everything in be safe and blessings on you.