ive finally taken a magical name so brothers and sisters in the craft and all ye elements know me as valo as i travel the path of the craft

blessed be )o(
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how do you get a magical name? ive heard that it will come to you in time or it will be bestowed upon you but i do not know whether that is true or not.
Blessed Be.

How do you get that book???

Well where is more like it :P

I found my magical name by myself, not dissing that book theory though, but i wouldn't let anyone give me my magical name. Some wiccan's believe your covens high priestess will give you one after your initiation, or that your god/goddess will give you one and that you must keep it between you and that god/goddess, i also dont believe in this. When i was 15 (about a year after being wiccan) I decided I was ready for my magical name, I went into nature and did a type of sleep meditation, i had a dream where i saw my patron goddess, but when i ran to where she was she had disappeared and in her place a four leaf clover had floated down and landed in my hand, I woke up and it was there lying in my hand. And that's how i decided on Clover as my magical name. Hope this helps,
Blessed Be.