Hey Fellow Magical Followers :)

I love talking to others who feel the same passion as me about Wicca so come talk to me !!!!! Especially guys, I have never met any guys who are interested in the Craft (well I haven't met anyone at all yet ) but you guys should message me and tell me what Wicca is like for you as a male. I LOVE WICCA !!!!
CosmicDreamer96 CosmicDreamer96
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6 Responses Dec 6, 2012

That's awesome I love how more people are following Wicca and it just brings so many people together. I would love to talk

im a girl though, but i love wicca. i have always have a connection to it. i havent really met any other wiccans so itd be awesome to chat with someone else who believes in wicca! message me anytime! Blessed Be.

You guys are awesome. I would love to talk to you all personally so just message me :) Or email me at cecilia.cooke91@gmail.com

Im a guy and i have just descovered wicca, i dont know much about it but i feel like the more i know the bestter i feel. We should chat sometime

Hey, Wicca's really centered my life, I never had anything I felt this passionate about. I'd love to talk sometime I have a few internet friends I've met off this site who are amazing I'd love one more! Email me if you'd like at Hallie.Vanover@gmail.com

hiii wicca is an awsome experience and i havent met anyone into the craft ethier, we should chat sometime
Blessed be

definetly :) did you ever have a coming home feeling when you discovered it ?