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Ok my mum and my stepdad just gave me the biggest lecture about wicca and what I believed in. I have been at my dads for three weeks and I just came back home to find my alter gone! Thank goodness I took most of the important stuff and my books but still. Now they are making me chose between Wicca and ice skating. ( I do it for a sport ). They were telling me how they are the outcast of society and that they wanted me to have a bright future, and that my stepdad lived with a white witch and she became so different and selfish and is now lying on her death bed. They also said I had changed without knowing it. I don't know what to do they said that I should try Buddhism which is not a bad religion a very peaceful life. I might do some research but I'm so confused right now I need help.
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My parents would be the same if they knew too. But what I suggest is hiding the important things and telling them something along the lines of "You win" and when you move out take those things with you and then you can practice again. That's my plan at least

Merry Meet.
My parents don't know I'm Wiccan, but if it was me I would follow whatever path feels right. Hope you resolve this!
Blessed Be.

I am wicca as well, how i see things is that the divine and holy spirit which runs through all things presents itself differently to different people. This can be the form of allah this could be in the form of the roman gods as well, the point is you do what you think is right and how you feel the divine spirit speaks to you. There is never a wrong answer as long as it is what you beleive to be true and self evident.

do what YOU feel is right. just be yourself and do not let others change you. i am lucky to have parents that support me for me being wiccan, but not everyone is so lucky. i may be young, but my mind is old. it sounds weird, but it is true. trust me when i say this, do what makes you happy. whether its wicca or buddhism.