Hey and merry meet.
Ok my mum and my stepdad just gave me the biggest lecture about wicca and what I believed in. I have been at my dads for three weeks and I just came back home to find my alter gone! Thank goodness I took most of the important stuff and my books but still. Now they are making me chose between Wicca and ice skating. ( I do it for a sport ). They were telling me how they are the outcast of society and that they wanted me to have a bright future, and that my stepdad lived with a white witch and she became so different and selfish and is now lying on her death bed. They also said I had changed without knowing it. I don't know what to do they said that I should try Buddhism which is not a bad religion a very peaceful life. I might do some research but I'm so confused right now I need help.
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I am so sorry you are being abused by your mum and her latest ****. That is the worst possible circumstances for child abuse statistics. They don't want you living with your father because you are the pawn in mum's "child support" extortion. Been there, lived with that. It sucks.

What you have to do is to keep your head down and don't make waves about Wicca. But talk to your father about moving to his place. You are old enough to ask the "family" court for an appointed attorney to ask for your own rights, which may be moving to your father's home or becoming an emancipated "adult."

You may have to choose between ice skating and getting a job. Welcome to being grown up. Then you can follow your own heart about your religion. May the Lord and Lady guide your path.

Thx for your comment but my mum is not abusing me. she is just making things tough I guess