How It Is For Me...

When I was little, I used to be a christian but it just never really stuck. So for a while, I just didn't believe in anything. My life has never been that easy though. I always told people I was christian so I would not be made fun of, at least worse than i already am. At least that stopped recently. The thing i hate the most about this though is how me and my mom will go out to beg for money just so she can get soda. Currently, she is dying because of when she was younger, she drank a lot of soda even though she was told she was going to get diabetes. Now she has it because she didn't listen. So basically, its never been easy for me. A year ago, I was online and I came across a site about Wicca. I continued to study it and practice it in secret because i didn't know what my parents would say. Just a few days ago, I told them and they were supportive about it. In that way, the lord and lady have blessed me. I never really realized that they were going to support me in things such as this until a few days ago. If you read this, thanks for taking your time and reading this!

Blessed Be.
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I was a little different in my early years. I was in love with Christianity, the stories, God and even the masses. But as I got older, I began to question. You are lucky your parents were so supportive, mine are not. I researched Wicca in 6th grade, they found it and yelled at me, told me I was going to hell. So I didn't believe in anything, yet I believed there was something or someone out there looking out for us. When I came across Wicca again, I knew this was my path, my right path. I have just recently started asking questions and started researching gods and goddesses once more. I hope your journey through Wicca is a smooth one. Blessed Be

I feel the same way about Christianity. However, my parents would, unfortunately, never be supportive of me practicing Wicca. I study religions, and since I stumbled upon it, Wicca has been my absolute favorite. I feel such a strong connection with it. My parents are ignorant and wouldn't tolerate it. You're lucky in a sense that your parents respected your beliefs! :)

The only problem is that they don't believe in the magick part so i usually have to do that with out them knowing....

They don't believe it, or they don't tolerate it? I'm sorry :( stay along your path! You've gotta do what you believe in

they dont believe. and i will no matter what. :)

Odd question what is wicca?