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i'm the only wiccan in my family i have no friends and i just want friends who are different and understand.
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I am in the same situation :/ Message me if you want to talk

Yeah same here, I've been trying and trying and trying to find other teen Wiccans SOMEWHERE or some kind of mentor or something like that. This lady is VERY informative and this video really was kind of... Relieving I guess haha. But the difficult thing is, is that all the other teen Wiccans are all "Hell and Death are my home, Darkness is my only companion" kids... SO not me, it's kind of frustrating, I feel ya.

Wicca is my favorite religion to study! I LOVE learning about other religions, I respect and appreciate them all; however I am most fascinated by Pagans. I would absolutely love to talk to you whenever you need something :)

I know how you feel. Even though my family is understanding, i don't really know other wiccans i can talk to. the only time i have a chance of meeting another wiccan is during the summer because my grandpa knows a priestess of a wiccan church and they are good friends. the only times i would be able to is during the summer since it is in los angelos. so i feel the same way as you.
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I know how you feel, I've been Wiccan since i was 14, my family or friends don't even know, I'm here almost everyday if you want to talk?
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