Obsessed? I'm Looking For A Teen Wiccan That Wants To Share Their Story-

TV CASTING - You or someone you know want to share your obsession on TV? (Ages 15-22)
Documentary Style from the light hearted boy band obsessions to the more serious obsessions like eating disorders, sexting and other social issues facing young people. We'd love to have one on someone who wants to share their obsession of being a Wiccan.
Email your name, contact info and a brief description of your story of being a wiccan.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I know I wish I could find someone who would like to share - open up the world of understanding

I don't think your going to get a lot of people who are willing to do it as most of us haven't told our parents because of issues but it's worth a try. Good luck

I don't want to be on TV but I think your being quite insensitive by calling this an 'obsession', I am a 15 year Wiccan its my religion, and I think others will agree with me when I say it's not an obsession it's a way of life and I don't think this site wasn't made for things like this. But thats just my opinion.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend. If someone wanted to share their story I would love to find a Wiccan to share their beliefs. I've seen so many teens not afraid to share what they believe with their parents - religion or other issues - because their parents don't agree and won't listen. So I didn't mean to be insensitive I wanted to give a Wiccan a chance to tell their story. I agree the word obsessed - I'd like to think passionate or dedicated but for TV purposes obsessed is the topic and not always considered negative. Obsessed and share why. For some this type of show will allow parents for the first time to hear WHY their teen is so passionate - instead of fighting with them. So again I'm sorry I didn't mean to be offensive.

*afraid to share

It's okay. I can't tell my parents about my beliefs, they are dedicated Catholics, and I hope that someday I could be as brave as to go on TV about it, but that's something I'm still not ready to do, and I hope a wiccan does have the courage to do this, as I think it can encourage others. Good luck.