Gods And Goddesses?

I've researched, but I'm so new to this. I found some things about the Gods and Goddesses but I'm not sure which ones Wiccans worship (and I did this research like 3 years ago and haven't looked at it since).  How many are there and what are their names?  I don't have a coven because my parents don't approve and because I don't know any Wiccans in the area.  Help?
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It depends on the Wiccan. I go for the general terms of The triple goddes of the moon and the Horned god of the sun. Although I still ecnolage and sometimes call on greek gods like artimis. Some Wiccans use egyptian gods, roman, or native american. It just depends on your personal prefreince.

I seem to be drawn to the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. I even found a book online about them written by a Wiccan about some of them. I'm still trying to read through the rest of it though. Egypt has always drawn my attention even before I knew some of it's history (7th grade)

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Wicca is "officially" pantheistic. Wiccans recognize that ALL Gods and Goddesses of all cultures are real. However Wicca is not about "worship" in the sense of constant praising and groveling done by that other religion. Wiccans speak of "working with," "calling down," or "drawing down" a God or Goddess that appeals to them personally. We respect them and honor them and ask for their help and guidance, but we don't "worship" as that word is commonly used. <br />
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There are a couple of good books on this topic. "The Witches' God" and "The Witches' Goddess" by Janet and Stewart Farrar. One coven has a web site with a fairly good suggested reading list that includes these books at: http://www.oldways.org/readinglist.htm</P>