My Spirit And Affinities.

My inner animal spirit is a stag and my affinity is Earth, and I can see the Fairies/Fae of the forests. I am a Capricorn, they a re commonly described as,
Represented by the lower earth, Capricorn is the earth in it's most basic and purest form. Just like the pure earth is made up of various elements, Capricorn has many sides and takes interest in everything from materialistic possessions to solid to being a powerful status symbol. Sort of like the depths of the earth, Capricorn is mysterious and deep. They can be dark, not in a malicious sense, but in a depressed sort of way since they are very conservative and have a difficult time with pleasure since they are so concerned and involved in their work and the more serious aspects of life. Thiis is accurate to me.

My magical name is Clover, and i am looking for other Wiccans near me, (Scotland, near Aberdeen) and would appreciate others to talk to.
TheRealClover TheRealClover
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013