Thinking Of The Future

Me and my boyfriend have been thinking of the future a lot lately. We've taken Wicca into account of this just recently because we only recently learned that we both want to practice it.  We keep thinking about our children (whether we're still together by then or not) and if we should raise them with Yule and/or Christmas.  I mean Christmas is something celebrated in all schools and both our families (if they'll accept us as Wiccans later on) are Christian and Catholics so they would want to have the children at least know Christmas.  It's kind of confusing to try and find a way to incorporate different things knowing we want to be fully into Wicca, but also knowing that our children will want to fit in at school :/
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Merry Meet Again CWolf
Its been my experience that children adapt very well to incorporating the old ways in a Christian community. Most of what the Christians do to celebrate is old pagan traditions anyway. The "12 days of Christmas" and the gift giving originated as the 12 days of Saturnalia, a huge Roman Empire celebration of the Sun God. All the tiny lights are a magick working to push back the dark and call the sun to return. The evergreen trees and holly are magical reminder that life continues even in the "dead" times of winter. Santa is very pagan.

And of course Ostara celebrates the Fertility Goddess with her sacred bunnies and eggs. There are so many ancient pagan practices overlaid by Christians that pagan kids end up enjoying having the real meaning for the season.

BTW: For a hundred thousand generations young women your age were finding husbands and starting families. Its only the past hundred years that anti-family campaigns have tried to force women to wait until their biological child bearing years are almost over.

May the Lord and Lady guide you and your man.

Merry Meet Dozer Dan, thank you for your guidance as of late. It has helped so much!