Hello, I found this site and wanted to know a bit more. I've tried dabbling in Wicca when I was younger and have always been drawn to this type of thing. I don't know how e,se to describe it except as I'm drawn to the "Paranormal" I guess you could say. I came here wanting to know more, not insult anyone so I apologize if I do insult someone. Have any of you ever had any negative expiriences because of Wicca? Like because of a spell? One side of me is so fascinated by Wicca and wants to know more and the other side, I was raised strictly Christian, says its wrong and I should just close my browser now and pray. Spiritually and religiously I'm confused, but have an open mind. If anyone could give me some info it would be appreciated. Thanks a ton and have a great night!
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Girl I would strictly listen to the other side of you--the Christian side of you. Take that and run with it. Do not get involved in wicca. Wicca is of the occult and can really mess you up because Satan thrives in it. Please listen to your Christian side and stay away from that junk. Jesus had you raised Christian so you would know that wicca is wrong. "Close your browser and pray to Jesus."

Merry Meet,
I was raised a Christian as well, and this path has opened so much for me for the little time I have begun to look into it and begin my journey. When I was younger, Christianity was everything to me. My one and only God, and so on. But I began to question it. I don't know why, but I did. So I looked up different religions and none seemed to match anything I wanted to do or my beliefs. But then I came upon Wicca. I read more about it and found that it wasn't about "Worshipping Satan" and things like Hollywood makes witches out to be. None of it was true. Wiccans worship the earth, and as I read more about it and learned more from others here, we work with the Deities we choose or that choose us. I don't know much since my parents absolutely hate Wicca and told me I was going to burn in hell if I continued to even research it. But I'm glad you're searching for information instead of just judging us right away. Blessed Be, and may the Lord and the Lady guide you to your right path

I'm not sure what I choose. I'm still young and realize that the best path for me will make itself known I'm sure. Being in a small farm town with mostly closed minded people makes it hard to learn more about it ya know? I'm hoping when I get out on my own I'll have a chance to explore it more and speak with someone who has expirience. Thank you

If you chose to take this path, just make sure you tread carefully and you will be fine. The phrase "be careful what you wish for" is exceptionally apparent in Wicca. Their is plenty online and in books to help you get started.
Good luck, and Blessed Be.