All My Things Are Gone!!

Great I think my mum has thrown away all my stuff that I left here :( all I have is my book of shadows.
blaze1999 blaze1999
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im very sorry i wish that some parents would understand

I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm sure if my parents knew about me being Wiccan, I would be in this same problem, only with my forms of communication and the internet -_-;

That is bad of her. Parents need to respect the property of their teenage sons and daughters. Its yours, not hers. Taking it is theft. Shame on her. The rule of 3 also applies to her. Disrespecting others and taking their property is a wrong that comes back three fold.<br />
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You will need to avoid confrontation and work on leaving home as soon as possible. Until you can accomplish that you will have to keep quiet and don't confront your mother. You might find out if there is a legal help office in your town and ask them about becoming "emancipated."<br />
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May the Lord and Lady bless your path.