First Esbat Of 2013

I don't have any candles, but I really wanna go all out. Any ideas? I have incense, faerie figurines, dried flower petals, my pentacle, crystals, and a lot of pine cones... And feathers. And cacti.
darkdaugterofpersephone darkdaugterofpersephone
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Merry Meet, Darkdaughter,
Its not how many candles you light but how you light your candles that matters. The first of spring is the time of beginning of life anew. It will still be a few weeks before spring is in full flower but it is coming at the cross quarter. May the Lord and Lady bless your rites.

Merry Meet, DozerDan,
Thank you. I just want to provide the best ritual I can for the Lord and Lady.