Wiccan Life

My friends and I created our Coven on Samhain. We have sleepovers to celebrate the different festivals because we can't celebrate them with our Catholic families. Since discovering more about the Wiccan afterlife, I really do feel more comfortable. Something about Wiccan customs and gods just feels so much more right to me than Catholicism ever did.
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I love this! you are so lucky to have friends who view things the same! Blessed be )0(

OMG your so lucky that you have Wiccan friends that you can talk to all of my friends are religious and if they found out about me they would probs try to burn me ! Rrrr so jealous! Blessed be

Good for you! So jealous that you have other wiccan friends :( lol Blessed Be :)

You're young and you have a long way to go.Know this...You will see your friends and enemies alike fall prey to a variety of things.Stay strong.It is easy when you start out to believe that witchcraft can give you any power imaginable.It is not always so simple.I found out long ago that all the people who were calling themselves Wiccan or Pagan just thought they had the right to do wrong, simply because they weren't doing outright criminal acts in the world.These people sinned with their minds and hearts...and by sinning I don't mean religious transgression, I mean betrayal of the trust of your own friends for example.
So much is real that you can deny, but this world has been here for billions of years longer than anyone on it today.You can go as deep as you like, and I guarentee the first spirits you will discover are the spirits who know you are a beginner, and will use the oppoprtunity to trick you into doing what they want, to please them, for their own selfish reasons.The world is like a mirror...and the less selfish you truly are in your heart, the less selfish the world will be.You have no idea what you are in for.There are no proper guides in the modern world and you are left to do it on your own.Now, don't get defensive...there is more.
Since you've chosen this path, and I am telling you this, do you presume to know that I am against you? Well, I'm not, but can you be sure of it?
See, I am not in the business of condemning what I don't understand, and even if I were, that would be impossible here because I have been a witch myself.I have practiced many forms of magic.I am telling you this today, and remember it for all time...this planet has been a place of flesh and violence, injustice and stupidity, for billions of years.
Don't play by the rules the world has laid out.
Mother nature is corrupt.God is hidden.You are neither...but still you are as infinite as I or any consciousness.
The more intelligent you become, the more evil you will seem, but never pursue evil or darkness just for the sake of doing ill.If you were to take wrathful action against injustice that is very different than say, making someone fall in love with you...or gaining fame.
You can do both, at first, but there is a price.You started out mortal, and your power is limited until you see beyond what this mortal coil has to offer.
I am telling you one thing only.Educate yourself fearlessly...and unceasingly.
Use the knowledge you have to make the world right, because you live in it, and with the consequences of all your actions.You have time to make your mistakes, I am just reminding you not to forget what a mistake is.Try not to make the same mistakes over and over again...on the other hand, do what you will, as you will it, but always be aware that you do no harm to any innocent being.
Don't stop your quest for knowledge within the fortress of the paradigm of Witchcraft, expand and learn about all religions, philosophies, and spiritualities.If only to know what may appear as your enemy.You can not even see that which you cannot conceive of, so learn about everything, and your power will increase.
Wisdom is your greatest protector.
Discipline yourself so no one else has a reason to do it for you.