Teen Coven Over Skype Or Something?

I am pretty new to wicca but i really really want to know more about it, or just talk about it with someone!
There are teen covens or even adult covens where i live and I thought it would be cool to talk to someone about wicca.
If someone wants to help me make this happen, please write!

Blessed be
Sophstar Sophstar
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4 Responses Jan 26, 2013

Im totally up for this Sister hmu and we'll chat )o(
Blessed Be

Idk if Skype would work for me but I'm a teen Wiccan too and have QUITE a time trying to find other teen Wiccans out there (ugh) and would be open to a little coven type deal, but i can't do skype, I just need people to connect with my age :)

Blessed Be! :)

Merry Meet! :) I've been wiccan for a while now and think I might be interested in this? if u are still willing please PM me )o(
Blessed Be

I know how you feel