Hello Everyone!

I am 18 years old and I practice wicca, i consider myself very proud to be this way too, my mother was and she passed this down to me, always having an open mind though that someday I may not want to be. This is somthing that deffinatly never gets boring. If anyone needs anything just ask!

Blessed Be.=]

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i am very intrested in wicca could you please message me sometime i have a stroy posted in i am a teen wiccan please read it

yes actully, when i was a bit younger. Ive been to France and Italy.

So I have noticed, my aunt lives in france, and she too is wiccan.


Defiantly more solitary. Not very many people to talk to about it in my area but my mother, and now I just talk to her on the phone because I moved away. Its kinda a my time kind of thing. I practice when I feel I need too, and when no ones around.

I have not really came across anyone who has asked me about my beliefs, I have talked to other people who share the same and we have talked together. I guess I just lived a normal life, like everyone else, had a very normal childhood, when friends asked me when I was younger why I didn't go to the same church as them, I would just tell them my religion is wicca, or paganism. They were all very kind to me, but they kind of stopped at that, didn't really ask any more.

when I tell them my beliefs or they tell me? =]