Liveing A Lie Then Finding My Way In To The Light

Hello my name is megan coven name is nightowl when i was 8 i stumbled on the pagan world i read books on it. At the time my faimily didnt go to church i wasnt realy conected to any religan.The pagan faith finaly drew me in i became a vary young pagan member no 1 new about it so i keeped it my secret i did my 1st real circle when i was 10 but i was so lonely in my faith no 1 to talk to or to do the enjoy sabbth with .....i was giveing up on ever being a truely happy witch my best freinds ashley and kaity thought i was athist cuase i didnt worship the same god they didnt know i was secretly liveing under the godesses light . when i was 12 ashley emailed me a web site called i was shoked she then told me how her mom couldnt now that she was going to convert or shed be in for it.kaity to was going to convert omg omg after all this time right when i was going to give up this is truely a blessing now we are forming a coven im soooo much happyer never give up!!!!!!!!!! THE PAGAN FAITH WILL THRIVE AND LIVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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congratulations :)<br />
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Make sure you research every inch before you dedicate and initiate ..<br />
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blessed be )O(