Wiccan Throughout The Years

I'm 19 now and I first found Wicca when I was eleven and although I know at that time it was probably just a way to spite my parents, by the time I truly started reading about it my heart was set and I knew that this was what my heart knew to be true. My name is AmberWolf and it's now eight years later and I'm so glad I've chosen this path. I've started a spiritual group at my college to help others who may still be in the broom closet cope with how society may see us. It took my I think it was about 6 years to tell my parents about my decision, but by that point they were like "duh." I guess actions do speak louder than words, even though at first my mom would keep telling me that all wicca is is satanism. It took some time but she came around I guess. I'm the better person now for Wicca and I have Her to thank for everything!

Blessed Be.

TerraLee TerraLee
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

This is so helpful to me, I'm in the broom closet and it's nice to know it can be possible to summon the courage to tell my parents :)
Blessed Be )o(