At the end of the school year last year I was 14 and 160 lbs. Usually over the summer I actually loose weight so I didn't realy pay attention to what I was eating. I went in for my 15 year well check this week at the doctor and I weighed in at 184 lbs. I couldn't believe it and neither could the doctor. He felt my belly and then my man boobs and he told me that I had put on a little weight. He talked to my mom about the importance of keeping a healthy life style and stuff like that but I didn't really care. Secretly I actually like the fat growing on me. So I've started walking around without my shirt on and my family has been commenting on how big I've gotten. I love it though. Favorite thing to do now is gorge on Twinkies all day in just my boxers. I'd say I've gaiened at least up to 190 lbs in the past few days. My school shirts are getting tite and they really outline my belly so I can't wait to see what people at school day when it starts back up. Is it wrong to enjoy getting fat?
fattywanabe fattywanabe
13-15, M
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Im just starting now too. I honestly wish though i could make really fast progress like that... Im fifteen too, also. We should encourage each other! I need some encouragement.