Am I Just A Little Crazy?

Tomorrow, well technically later today, i am going to my first visit with a therapist. Now of course I DO NOT want to go at all but... i dont really have a say in the matter. I was diagnosed with GAD in late january of this year. Though I am quite sure I have had it my entire life I was just to afraid to admit it to others, or maybe just to myself. I've been on a few different medications so far this year my first being Zoloft. I started at the lowest dosage of 25mg at my first doctors appt. I was really against medication and seeing a therapist but my doctor suggested both, and my mother agreed. Eventually I had been up'd so many times on my Zoloft I had reached the maximum dosage of 200mg. By this time I was no longer feeling any effect of it. Then came the worst news, my doctor told me there was nothing else he could do for me, he wasnt qualified to give me the kind of attention and medical care that i needed. By this point i had tears in my eyes, i felt like no one could eer help me. That i was just some lost soul that would never be 'normal'. Its just so frustrating knowing that something is wrong with you but not knowing who could fix it or if it even could be fixed. Currently i am taking the lowest dosage of Paxil which is 10mg i think. In the past monthi have been switched from Zoloft to Celexa(?) and Vistaril to Paxil, busbar(?), and Vistaril. I have finally found some glimmer of hope in the paxil , but who knows how long that will last. Maybe I should just give up on the meds and try to just deal with who i am, but for now i have to wait and see where this path will take me. Somewhere towards normal, or maybe back to the beginning. Whos to know for sure.
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I was also on Zoloft and it helped for about a month. I was on it for another month and now I am changing med to Buspar. The meds seem to be the toughest part. I was against meds too, but I think they help take the edge off to where you can help yourself more easily.

Ok. Just making it sure it goes through. I have had OCD, GAD and clinical depression all my life. You have probably have had anxiety all your life. One thing about it though, is if you have had it, it's difficult to realise that you might need help. Your life is centered around those feelings, so how can you know that others really feel differently? By finding out what you did, you just helped yourself.

Medication only helps with part of the problem. It only can make you feel comfortable. The therapy area helps you to identify, "why you feel anxious." How you can deal with it in your life. And, what to do in the future. So, meds don't cure with anxiety... they help you to feel comfortable so that therapy can help.

Meds... do this. You take them, they build up in your system. Your system says, I need to balance all of this... the body begins to change chemicals around and create a tolerance against the meds. The psychiatrist knows this will happen. That is why it can be increased? Or other meds are prescribed until one works. What you have said appears to me to be a problem. The problem is that the problem has not been solved and somehow your treatment was cut WAY TOO SHORT! There should be a lot more options...

Are you seeing an actual psychiatrist? General MD's do this all the time. "That's all I can do... sorry!" Yet, is a General Practitioner really a psychiatrist? No. That means that you might need to see a psychiatrist who profisciant in just that area... I love to say this! If you go to a brain surgeon cpmp;aining you have anxiety, they will do brain surgury. That's there area and that's what they will do... a general practioner will see things as a "General Practioner," which means why hasn't that doctor refered you to a psychiatrist?

If a psychiatrist says that there are no other options. Why? There are so many other medications that could be used. So, if this psychiatrist says that nothing else can be done... time to get a second opinion. Psychiatrists become MD's by finding the education to do what they do. Yet, each is only one individual among many other psychiatrists who, basically have their own area within psychiatry that they have passion in.

Who knows... maybe this psyciatrist would rather work with adults, more than teens... because that is what he likes. So, if that is the case, what about another psychiatrist... one who actually has a better passion for teens with emotional problems.

Basically, just becasue one doctor says... "Sorry, your up s**t creek." does not necessarily mean you are. So, find another one.

You deserve to have the best emotional health care possible. It's your right to have this! No one should tell you that you are hopeless.

I would seek out other opinions.

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