Bullying Destroys Lives

i have been suffering depression for many years due to constant bullying. i suffered alone forf many years and i needed to tell someone and that was a mistake they just said i was taking it all out ofd proportatuion when stealing my stuff isnt enough espically after 5 years. i usewd to be this happy teenager but now all i seem to do is get up in the morning go to school go to work and cry myself to sleep. it isnt good. and i dont wish this on anyone
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I know what you're going through. People who have never been bullied don't know what it's like. They think that once you stop being bullied so much then everything is over. But bullying has long lasting effects. Most are negative, but surprisingly, there is one significant positive consequence of being bullied. Afterwards, you who has been bullied, will always treat others how you would like to be treated, because you can't bear to let others go through the pain that you did.

hi, humans have the power to destroy and rebuild, the only thing is, it's a choice. Everything is a choice. you can choose to wish forever or actually to choose to start fixing your life to something a bit more live-able.

are u m or f? sounds lke u are a girl... well, it will get better,, dont think about it so much and work to make things better for u and never mind the others,, also u may add me if u want more advice,, its ok.,.. bye for now

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at 17,time you started letting go and being who you were made to be.try be your own best friend. if you can jog the first thing in the morning,try. if bullying happens in school, how about change of school.do you have a dad and how close are you to him? have a trusted big brother confidant

Sry to here this man...... you do need to be strong you need to release that anger that your storing up onto these guys sure youll get beat up possibly but w/e......being bullied sucks but that anger, and despair thats growing from this is going to be the most destructive thing to either your self or the people that you began to care for, you will be blind and unable to see the good guys from the bad.. so my advice get it out no find a hobby.. get some muscle change what you dont like now.... ive been there, and the darkness will consume you

You have to understand that toy are better than them, one day you will be more successful and happier than they are, thats how i survive everyday. Be strong

I'm sorry your going through this & if I can help in anyway I will