How I Feel All Of The Time

i spend most of my time now depressed i have been told by different psychiatrist's that i have severe depression i self harm every other day now at one point it was every day and i was walking around with about 70 cuts on my arm at a time i try not to but to me it feels that same as smoking i started and now i cant stop i have lost so many friends cuz of it and they all say the same im depressed all of the time and they dont like that and they dont seem to be able to help me i have only been able to find 2 people that can help me one now hates me and the other lives over 700 miles away and i have never been able to meet her that is the one thing that keeps me going now the hope that some day i will get to meet her in person depression fuckes up your life i keep getting told by doctors im mentally ill and that scars alot of my friends they have all stopped trusting me with knifes and anything that has a blade or that is sharp
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Depression is really bad. I went through that for some years.. and I got treated for it. <br />
I recommend you get treated for it. They can give you meds that can very helpful <br />
the meds can take away the anxiety and the depression.

I understand you. I have tried but my family stops me from hurting myself. But I think of it all the time.

hey elliot im sorry if u want to talk im here i dont have many friends that r there for me a lot... i have bipolar so i yell a lot it gets bad.......i also wanted to know if i could use ur story for a school thing we are supposed to find a good story that can tell people the problems teens face with would be anonymous if you want..... it would be really great..<br />

thank you and sure :)

Thanks for lettin me use it everyone liked it and said that, that is wat most teens are going through thanks a bunch and keep staying strong! :)

I'm severely depressed and self-harm too. Not to sound cliche but no one seems to understand, they claim too, but deep down they look down on me like I'm going to just open a vein in front of them. I think what you need to do, is find the right sort of people, I know being depressed can hinder social interaction but you can beat this, and you will find true friends, find those people who will love you no matter what mood your in :).

i had one person that mocked me but the thing is with it as my teacher at collage said depression will show you your true friends and i found them the people that stick with you when your happy or when your down there your true friends and that what you need friends are what has been keeping me alive

thats what has happened to me :( it sucks but im even more annoyed because the only person i told about my self harm and depression has told the entire school and i cant go anywere without people mocking me.

thank you x

keep strong elliott, im always here for you!

hmm i keep thinking people are going to get sick of me because of my depression, think that has already started to happen.