I'm Depressed, But How Do I Tell Someone?

My whole life (or at least most of it), I've felt this sick feeling inside of my stomach. It isn't all the time, but very often I get this feeling that is best described as 'homesickness'. My uncle and aunt are both diagnosed with depression, so I could tell them and they'd understand, but it's hard.
They know about that 'feeling' I get, but don't know I always feel depressed. A reason I might be depressed is that I've never seen my dad. Not ever. Never. Not once. I have no idea what he looks like, who he is, or where he is. My mom had me at 17, and so she left him because he smoked weed, and all that bad stuff.
She didn't want me dealing with that, so I might be depressed because she married someone, we left my grandma's house that I've lived in all my life, and I hate my step dad.
He's not mean, he's very nice, but I just can't stand him. I hate him, every cell in his body, I can't stand him. I don't even have a reason to hate him, I just do.
So? What do I do? How do I tell someone? Do you have any advice?
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hi,,, interesting how u hate him but hes not mean to u... add me, then will talk more,, bye

send me a message if u can ,., im here to help.. i will try my best ok?

What you wrote seems almost as if I wrote it myself. My mom was 20 when she had me and right before I was born she and my dad divorced. Four years ago she remarried and I haven't been able to stop hating my stepfather even though he is nice and all my friends think he is great. As for telling someone about how you feel you ought to tell someone. If your mom is really there for you then tell her she'll know you best of everyone and prepare what you want to say before hand and if you think you'll end up not being able to say it then write it and if you can't speak give her what you wrote. It's better to be ready for the discussion instead of someone finding out and confronting you and putting you on the spot unprepared. My mom found out that I was depressed because I had left my diary open on my bed and my mom found it and that afternoon after school she picked me up and we sat in a parking lot and she made me sit in the backseat unprepared completely freaked and feeling much worse than I would probably have if I had just told her before.

Do not discuss with your Aunt or Uncle at this time. There are many things that cause depression. If you are still in school, look to your Counselor as the first person to talk to. They will be able to point you towards help. If not is school, alk to your Dr. and ask he/she not to tell your Mom. There may also be some teen support groups where you live.<br />
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Regarding your step Dad, you do not day how long your mother has been married to him but I am going to assume that it is a recent marriage. The problem is that the Mommy time that you were accustomed to is now being shared with this new man. Over time the relationship should become better for all of you. Work hard to accept him into your life.

My dad has been with her nine years, but married her about three years ago. I am very used to him being around, it's just I can't stand him being around anywhere near me. He's never done anything wrong, I just don't like him. I'll try my best, thanks for the help.

If your aunt and uncle have dealt with it themselves, just tell them. Set up a doctors appointment and go in. I have been there. You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. If you need help, please ask for it before it gets worse.<br />
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As far as your step dad, things may get better over time. I'm sure its just hard for you to accept him right now.

I just don't know how to tell my mom, I mean I know she's there for me, as well all of my other family and friends, but it's still hard to start that topic off. I'm a person who, when they're upset, they start crying really hard and can't explain anything.

About going to the doctor, I don't feel so comfortable with that either, I don't know.. But I'll tell someone soon, I promise.

Thanks for all the help, it means a lot.

your welcome and best wishes:)