Im Invisible To Everyone

Its so unfair im a young teenager im 15 and at school theirs groups but for some reason i just dont fit in any of them, they talk to each other and dont even knowledge my exsitance im pretty much a ghost to people, cause im kinda a shy and i dont talk loud, my dad and mum are both in the military so it is very very very hard for me and people judge me against that, its so unfair i really hate knowing that i am a ghost to people :( im a verry quiet person i hardly talk only if people will talk to me, iv had my heart broken so many times that its not funny anymore, just reseantly a guy invited me to his group and then started hugging other girls and then ditched me, its not the best feeling in the world being ditched by someone you like 3 everything seems to want to crash around me and cause im invisable to everyone know one knows that im suffering :'( FML
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

im invisible too and everyone thinks that if you are not being bullied it cant hurt. im a senior and my class just went on senior trip without me and it kills me that they've been best friends for life and having fun, i see all the pix on facebook, it kills me that im here alone. im always the outsider looking in wishing i was a part of it with friends that knew my secrets or cared i existed.

your not the only one hun.. im the that "shy and quiet" girl also in school.. but i have friends. but i actually hate having them, because to me, they are all fake. its hard to find true friends these days. My friends dont seem to care what im going through and it really hurts. I learned to really live life without many me.. its way better. if you ever need a friend to talk to.. i have no life LOL so i'll always be here if you need to talk to someone (: ♥