Its Fake.

I can tell you right now, I can not go one day without feeling depressed.
Today was amazing, I loved hanging out with my friends, being funny, and what not.

Then, we're walking around and a kid I hate goes "Hey, ****(talking to my friend), Can I borrow a razor ? I really feel depressed. I need to cut myself."

Making fun of me.

Now, I wanna cut myself all over again.
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13-15, F
4 Responses Oct 30, 2012

You should have told them, "No, but you can sure have a fist to your ******* face, you insensitive douchecanoe."

Be strong, people will judge and make fun of whatever they don't understandā€¦ you've made it so far keep fighting!

yes there is hope, i'm around your age and I feel depressed all the time and i know what its like to be ok and then get super depressed all of a sudden. If you read my story on my page you may be able to relate more with me, i just saw this and thought id tell you that there is a lot of ******* mean kids out there that dont have to take any responsibility for the terrible and nasty things they say. I wish i could have just stood up for you right then and there, but sadly that cant happen so just know im here for you mentally, and i know what its like to feel bullied or trashed on, so if you ever need someone to talk to just inbox me:)

awwwww dont cut yourself,i also used to be depressed when i was a teen and whenever i did i always went out with friends,got into trouble but found a way out infact when i was a teen i was a real bad a** like my friends and whenever i was depressed just chill out with them,its fun and if any freak tries to mess with you then f*****g kick their a** im now 20 still out to have fun ;) come on girl xxx if you're grounded you can sneak out and chill out at night but you don't HAVE to just try n do something else that will distract you from being depressed x