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I'm Stephanie and i am 15 years old. I'm a sophomore in high school and well lets say it isn't going so well. Its not because am bullied at school but because of a guy. i know a guy, it seems stupid to me, but this is the whole reason why am here. I cant talk to any of my friends of this because they dont understand and i know they think its stupid that my entire problem revolves around this guy thats my ex. Technically you can say that about a year ago me and him dated, he was my first boyfriend and i really liked him and i truly felt happy but i rarely saw each other, just in school. We lasted 4 months and broke up but we decided to stay friends. In the summer we would hangout a lot but he had a girlfriend at that time and he currently does. He still made me really happy, but i mean like we would take long walks together and talk. We would joke around and laugh. He would tell me he loved me even with me knowing he had a girlfriend. That was confusing. then school started, i didn't want to see them hurts still, because of what happened during the summer, what was worse is that i have the same period lunch as them. It seems like he doesn't care anymore and he ignores me sometimes, i know he doesn't act like that. We would talk everyday and now its like sometimes. Sometimes i really wish i could just tell him that i don't wanna talk to him but he helped with so much. I was a cutter and suffered depression and well he helped me overcome that and well i been clean 4 months now. I just feel like i can start at any minute but i know i shouldn't. I just wished he cared again like a friend would. I been feeling really down and i just need someone to talk to.
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Talking to a therapist would help you more than a boy who is a friend. He/she would have the nessasary skills to help develope positive parts of you and manage the ones you need help with. Also, the baggage associated with a boy who is a friend and a boyfriend to another girl is eliminated. Also, the confidential nature of this relationship, there is nothing you can't say. You are free to express yourself and be as angry and vulgar as you feel. They've seen it all. And, you can find therapists who are available to you for not much money. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to find someone you connect with.

I know from experience.

Thank You, i'll take this into consideration :)