I Need Some Help

I am a freshmen in highschool..and i used to really love my school and i had a lot going for me but then i decided not to go out for volleyball and that hurt my social life majorly now i have been in this mood for months i already know i have depression and i have meds for it but ik i can be happy without them but there is only one guy who can truly make me happy and he is no longer speaking to me.i found out i had depression in 5th grade and this is the wrost it has been. i feel like im not good enough for anyone or im not pretty or just plain fat i hate it i just want a new start but im to afraid to tell me parents...Help me please?
depressedkris depressedkris
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Hey dont be scared. I have trich and depression (trich is pulling out your hair) I take medicine too and i know life sucks 93% of the time for me. you should really tell your parents. When my mom found out she did everything she could to help me out. Theyll understand. And i know what you mean when you say you feel fat and not pretty. Just know that you should be confident in yourself. God made you who you are and God doesnt make any mistakes. EVER :)